Not many people know that dieting plan or method can be different. There are plans for women dieters, as well as plans for men dieters. After all, women and men have different metabolism, body function, and so many more, so it is only logical and natural if there is specific dieting plan for different gender. 

About Régime Homme 

Régime homme or dieting plan for men is basically a program that is designed for men dieters. Such dieting program requires its own management and arrangement. For instance, this kind of dieting plan focuses more on protein intake, instead of restricting your calorie intake drastically. That’s why this program is also called as régime protéiné or protein diet. 

It doesn’t mean that you solely depend on protein only, but you are advised to consume more protein than the fat and carbs. Such diet is based on health research that protein has loads of benefits when you are dieting. For instance, protein is good as the body’s building block that will help repairing any damaged systems. Moreover, protein boosts your metabolism to reach its potential ability, so your metabolism should be able to burn out calories in the most effective and efficient way. 

Dieting Differences for Women and Men

Unlike women dieters, men dieters are still advised to consume high calorie meals, especially lean meat and whole wheat products. After all, men still need fats and carbs so the body can turn it into muscles. 


This is one of the reasons why régime homme still needs to be imposed and implemented by the professionals. You are free to do everything on your own, but it would be better if you can consult the professionals. At least, you can get the right guidance when you do so. It is important to choose the right expert that can help you with the right arrangement and guidance.