As a believer, I became interested when I heard about the Salvation diet review. The diet is promoted as a comprehensive, complete program consisting of step by step guidance based on Biblical approach. It is the first and the only diet program which is inspired by Lord Jesus Christ himself. The inventor of the diet, Chris Walker, is also a person of faith. He has a honorable mission to help us reclaim the body God intended us to have.

What the system is about

Out of curiosity, I purchased the online guidance. It turned out that the diet system contain some useful modules in a neat and helpful arrangement. Chris introduces the module by sharing his personal story to motivate us. There is also a game to prepare our mind to follow the program and succeed.

The second part is called Daily Verse which helps nurturing our spiritual growth by strengthening the connection between us and the Christ. We are lead to do this through daily verses. Chris then continues the program by providing useful tips to maximize the quality of our sleep. According to Chris, sleep plays an important role in rejuvenating our mind and soul.

My favorite module, however, is when Chris discusses what is and is not good foods. Again, he shared his stories of how he discovered the Salvation Diet and how it has changed his life to the better way. Chris also discussed about nutrition and how modern diets have lied to us. We will also get knowledge about understanding our body and the right exercises to do along with the healthy eating based on the Bible.

The best thing about the module is that it does not stop right there. It goes on with modules on transforming ourselves into the best we can be. As a biblical inspired program, it also encourages serving others as a way to fulfill our purpose as God’s creatures.