It was hard to prove that somebody belongs to a certain family when they were apart because of wars, works, or other reasons; you cannot just rely on physical resemblance. But fortunately, nowadays DNA testing is available to solve family relationship problems. No matter how far the distance that you have with your family, it is possible for you to get the answer ASAP, as soon as possible. Why? Because nowadays you do not necessarily need to go to the hospital or a laboratory to be tested. Just select the type of the test, at home or legal DNA testing, and send the sample. Several days later, the truth will be revealed.


Talking about the process of DNA testing, it is mentioned that you need to collect the sample first and give it to the experts to be tested. What kind of sample that I should collect and where can I get it? Do not worry. Though the test sounds and is indeed scientific, but it is easy to get the sample. You just need:

Body cells

As DNA testing aims at observing the similarities between your genes and your parents’, the sample that you need to get is your body cells. No, no, no need to do surgery or something like that to get your sample of cells as your blood or inside the cheek of the mouth is enough to do that. Both samples are equally fine and good for DNA testing, but the way you collect it is different.

You just need some drops of blood to get the cell sample; usually the experts use sterilized needle to the tip of your finger and the blood will come out. It feels like an ant bite. But if you are afraid of needle, taking the sample from inside the cheek of the mouth is a better option. Rub a cotton swan on the area and it is ready to be tested. Easy, right?