Here you will get information about gaming review ps4. You can play it in your free time.  Transistor is one of the best indie games released this year. Born from the ideas and efforts supergiant Games team are also working on Bastion, Transistor available for play on the PC and PS4, before finally released in another OS, but not on other platforms.

Same As Bastion, transistors presents an adventure RPG hybrid between action and strategy, combined with a visually very beautiful and appropriate music was named the best game music this year. In addition to these general matters, Transistor champion unique storytelling affairs, as well as of the attention this game teams to present minor things that may only be realized and enjoyed by gamers heavyweight or game developers only. In essence, the experience of playing Transistor remains one of the best gaming experiences that I felt in 2014.

Not only Transistor, Child of Light is one game that is still ringing in my head even though I've done on the newly released middle of this year. This game presents a classic JRPG-style gameplay that is very simple but exciting, beautiful graphics like a painting, and music that is very pleasant to hear. Dialog created with rhythms and stories like fairy tales also makes Child of Light be one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences in 2014.

If you like the picture works of artists such as Arthur Rackham or Yoshitaka Amano, then you're guaranteed to love the graphics of the Child of Light and will often take a screenshot using the share button to become a collection of beautiful wallpapers. Although developed by large companies such as Ubisoft, Child of Light feels more like a game created by a team of the good indie game of scale and in terms of creativity.