Safelink Wireless

People who are eligible for the Safelink Wireless service

Safelink Wireless is the largest and oldest free government cell phone provider. Safelink Wireless already offered the service in 33 states and already quickly expands to other new states. The Safelink Wireless will be qualified to persons who already qualified to the government assistance program based guidelines or to the income based guidelines. Each of states is having their own eligibility guidelines so it would be better if you can check the state’s requirements before apply to the Safelink wireless. You will know whether you are eligible to the Safelink wireless program or not through the database. One Safelink wireless only will be obtained per household which means for the individual or group of individuals who lived together at the same address as one economic unit. This service will be available for the low – income consumers that living in the group living facilities. Each of applicants might require demonstrating when they are initially enrolling together in the program that the other Safelink wireless recipient is residing at their residential address as the separate household.

The additional important thing for your Safelink wireless


If you already have the Lifeline phone service, you should contact the Lifeline provider to de – enroll from the Lifeline program. Once you already completed the whole process then you are qualified to apply to get the Safelink wireless service. When you have more than one Lifeline phone service then you have 30 days to choose which subsidized phone service to keep. On the other hand, you also can discuss an appropriate the non – lifeline rate plan with the company together. If you want to know more about the Safelink wireless then you go straight to Discover Lifeline website and find the right answer of your questions.