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How about your key?

Every human adult and even many children already have the key. Does it lock the door, vehicles, cabinets or lockers in the office or at the school, for the moment at least when we buy a house key or padlock each have included two key. Sometimes because something is sometimes the key to stay one, maybe we forgot to put it or have been lost. After staying one key, sometimes we do not immediately make a duplicate, so that when the second key was lost, then we realize the importance of a duplicate key. The cost of making duplicate keys is much cheaper when we call a locksmith to open the door that the key was missing.


For that let us get used to make a duplicate key to the keys of a live one. Each duplicate key is marked, for example, given a hanger that can be written in accordance with the key. Keep the keys out of the reach of children. Discard any keys that already will not be used again. When out of town, especially the use of motorcycles should bring the motorcycle duplicate key. The point is to keep the key that fell when we were riding a motorcycle.

Importance of duplicate keys:

  1. As a spare key, if the original key is lost then there is a duplicate key.
  2. The price is more affordable than make key as missing.
  3. The process is usually faster than the case of a lost key.
  4. The activity at home become more effective if all family members hold duplicate keys because they do not have to wait for his family just to open the door.

If you feel it is important to you to duplicate keys, you can go to Locksmith in Paris (serrurier Paris). They will help you so much about this.