In business, we may need a website. However, we may still not know whether we need a web developer or a web designer. We also may not know the different between the web developer and the web designer. Besides that, we may be not really clear the function of the web developer and the web designer. We may think that web development includes web design طراحی وب سایت. But, we are not sure if the web design طراحی وب سایت also includes web development.

Basic character differences

Generally, we should be able to differentiate the web designer and the web developer from how they work. Mostly, web designers will work in art section. They will concern about the artistic of the website. They will work persistently. Besides that, they are the optimistic people who always certain that they work will be a hit. Those characters of the web designers are different from the web designer. Usually, the web developers will work in analytic mode. They will put aside the artistic part of the work. Besides that, they will be more patient in handling the job. When they analyze some issues on the project, they should not make rush decision. They are also the receptive workers.