App store optimization is process which is widely known as an effective process to make our app more visible on the app store. Before we are going any further, firstly we’d like to explain a bit about app and app store. App is a short word for application where it is basically an application which can be installed on the smartphone. App store, in the other hand, is a store which provides myriad of apps which can be downloaded to our smartphones. App business has become a destination for a huge wave of people to start their business. Ever since the rise of gadgets, app business has been overcrowded by both the old app developers and new app developers. All of them act as competitor hence we surely experience a very fierce competition amongst the app developers.


Two Types

However, there is an unconventional way which can be used in order to win in that fierce competition. That unconventional way is by using ASO.  ASO itself stands for App store optimization where it is basically a process that is able to make our app appears more often as the top search results in the app store. App store optimization itself can be categorized into two categories which are the asset optimization and also the keyword optimization. Both optimizations are extremely useful for increasing our app’s visibility on the app store. Asset optimization focuses in enhancing everything on the app’s page. The reason is because every single thing in the app’s page is what people will see firstly when they open our app’s page.  App’s icon, app’s title, app’s keywords, screenshots, and many other aspects can are able to be optimized in order to make our app more visible. In the other hand, keyword optimization hinges on the smart choice in using keywords so that our app will be more likely to appear when a certain keyword is used.