In Connecticut, the Safelink Wireless regulation is quite different. The application which is available is only one method, which is the program based one. When we want to apply for the Safelink Wireless, we should participate in the public assistance program. The income based method is not available in Connecticut even though it is available in several states. We should choose one of the programs. The programs which are provided for the Safelink Wirless application are quite many. Then, we can select one we like participating the most.


The programs

The states which collaborate with the TracFone Wireless Inc make some program which can help people to fulfill the application in getting Safelink Wireless. We can participate in Federal Public Housing Assitance or Section 8. Social Security Income is also available in Connecticut. We also can choose Medicaid or Title 19 (Including Husky and Healthy Start). Food Stamps and Care for Kids can be the options. Connecticut Energy Assistance Program and CONNPACE are the local programs which can help for the requirement of Safelink Wireless. Other program which can be selected is Contingency Heating Assistance Program. Personal Care, Refugee Program, and Rental Assistance are the programs which available in Connecticut. The other programs which can be done in Connecticut for Safelink Wireless application are State Administered General Assistance, State Supplement to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled, and Temporary Family Assistance. The choice is quite big. Then, we cannot get stuck in only one of two programs. Besides that, the company of Safelink Wireless does not require document that we participate in the program. We only need to mention it. To know more, visit

Besides volunteering in public assistance programs, we should make sure; we use valid US mailing address. Then, we or our other family member are not allowed to apply for any other free cell phone service.