The Best App

If we are looking for the best app for video-calling then we should consider to use facetime. Facetime is an app which is exclusively designed for apple-based devices. This is why facetime can only be used by those who own an apple device. There are actually many other options besdesfacetime which allows video-calling activity such as Line, Skype, Google Hangout, and other similar apps but there are some aspects which can only be found in Facetime. The first good aspect of facetime is the integration of the contacts in our phone to the buddy lists in facetime hence we don’t need to add manually people that we have known before through phone number. Another good aspect of facetime is the battery-saving feature. The battery-saving feature can save up batteries because although we close this app, it still can receive calls. Awesome isn’t it?




The only problem of Facetime is the compatibility. As what has been explained above, this app is the exclusive app for those who have apple-based devices hence android-based devices and also PC cannot use this app. Because lots of benefit which are offered by facetime, it is not surprising that there are tons of search of facetime for PC on the internet. Sadly, no matter how long we spend our time in searching for facetime for PC, it will lead us to nothing. This is because of the developer has not taken too much interest in developing this app hence it can be used by other platforms. The good news is that there is still hope for those who are desperately seeking for facetime for PC since there are some programs that can be found on the internet which allows the use apple-based apps hence it can be used as an alternative to install the facetime to our PC.