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Reply to all comments

This is one of the most overlooked yet most powerful ways to harness the community aspect of SoundCloud. Reply to EVERY comment someone makes on one of your tracks. It’s by far the best way to get people to come back to your profile, and they’ll likely proceed beyond that (by checking your website or other social-media platforms) because it shows genuine interest in your community and fans. Doing this is simple: go to one of your tracks and click on the little comment bubble indicator (the thing that shows how many comments a track has). That’ll take you to a list of the comments where you can click on each of them to reply. When you do, place comments that actually make sense. A genuine “thank you” works, but prevent yourself from typing the same thank-you responses to numerous comments, personalize them. You can even buy SoundCloud followers.


Promo Tips

In addition to a smart content strategy and harnessing the power of the SoundCloud community, there are many other promotional tricks you can use to get your music heard. Next, we’ll discuss GROUPS and how to share to them, embedding your content on other websites and platforms, using your spotlight tab, and leveraging free downloads.


In SoundCloud, a group is a collection of people who share music. Only members of a group can share music amongst the group, and they’re also the only ones who can hear all the music that’s been shared to the group. Usually, groups are focused on one specific genre or subject. You might see a genre-related group based on ‘Dark Dubstep’ or ‘Melodic Techno.’ As for subjects, groups can be used to catalog music for a specific purpose, such as a remix contest or a record label submission pool. There are two types of groups: unmoderated and moderated.